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“Whether zenxienz intended it or not, he is now on the leading edge of this “weird EDM” movement, and hopefully that means he’ll help push the envelope towards even more crazy musical creations.” Your EDM
“With soundscapes and rhythms so complex, yet one could easily find their groove to; the musical project of zenxienz is definitely one to get lost in.”Global Dance Electronic
“‘On Fire’ represents an amazing musical as well as mental journey for an artist who went from the depths of depression to writing and producing Dadaist masterpieces in the space of 18 months…”Ellenwood EP
“A mishmash of restless experimentation that never ceases to test your senses.” The Deli Magazine
“Each composition builds upon the previous as we are guided through an unpredictable array of stimulating and aurally intense layers, textures and noises from what feels like another dimension.”Middle Tennessee Music
“With an ear for sick, eclectic beats and level of understanding of his multi-faceted sound, zenxienz is able to transport the listener seamlessly to his dimension…”Abort Mag
“Whether it be IDM, electronocized jazz, hiphop or early experimental, zenxienz’s music is universally emotive and genuine. He exemplifies music’s universal power to heal, but he does it in a unique and surprising way.”Brutal Resonance
“Keep an eye out for zenxienz on major EDM festival lineups over the years to come.”Tattoo
“You’ve got to be an artist with a special kind of moxy as an up-and-comer in the business to grab that sort of attention way off-hand, and in our eyes, the compelling case of zenxienz makes for one such master of their craft.”For Folk's Sake

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