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Whether zenxienz intended it or not, he is now on the leading edge of this “weird EDM” movement, and hopefully that means he’ll help push the envelope towards even more crazy musical creations. – Your EDM

Sometimes you have to lose your mind to find your soul…

When Hong Kong-born music producer and artist zenxienz (pronounced ZEN-SCIENCE), aka Cameron Williamson, found himself in the grips of depression, that’s exactly what happened. After struggling for years with a creative block which nearly consumed his love of music, Cameron one day sparked a perpetual flame in himself in summer of 2016 by dedicating his time and energy to creating a new track every day (and eventually adding digital art to the equation). zenxienz was born out of the idea that music is a true journey of the mind. A two-year finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and a Na Hoku Hanohano-nominated artist, zenxienz developed a knack for capturing beauty in the soul-wrenching moments of life that make his instrumentals transform you in a unique, introspective way while still maintaining a groove that keeps you moving.

Growing up on the island of Kaua‘i in Hawai‘i, the tropical landscape fed his developing artistic mind. With a wide range of influences from the purely electronic to eastern and tribal sounds, incorporating nearly everything in between, zenxienz pushes the boundaries of EDM, jazz, and psychedelia with every subsequent release. Each new song blends internal demons and rediscovered passion into a work of art. With his latest album, Cosmosis, zenxienz aims to create a sense of wonder in the listener and a feeling of merging with the universe that usually only comes from a state of oneness and selflessness.

zenxienz now avidly spreads awareness and hope for those suffering from mental illness and advocates for a positive shift in the current atmosphere surrounding psychedelics and psychedelic therapy to provide more options to those in need. In the hope of providing both entertainment and education on the topic, zenxienz’s live shows are a perfect potpourri of visuals, music, and message. zenxienz provides a means of turning a mirror on society with his captivating instrumentals and animations, all while inspiring, and promoting change and connection with other human beings. One can expect to leave zenxienz’s performances with the feeling of being taken on an adventure and emerging with an open heart, mind, and soul.

Art Is

  • Progress

  • Resistance

  • Insight

  • Change

  • Vulnerability

  • Madness

  • Risk

Artistic expression.

My vision is to advance the collective consciousness of society and reconnect humanity with meaning by capturing the beauty of the human experience through artistic means.

Life is such a precious, confusing gift, and it pains me to see so many of us waste our time and our unique passions trying to live up to something we aren’t. To suffer through depression and apathy and anxiety, all the while giving up and losing purpose. Having been in that very position, I feel obligated to help others truly find themselves, using the mediums that most inspire me, music, art, and animation.

It is my mission to open the minds and hearts of as many people who are willing to be inspired and to help bring a new wave of awakening to the world. Through the power of music, art, video, activism, and love, I hope to bring a mindset shift to how society looks at mental health, psychedelics, and individuality. Enlightenment is more than a state of mind, it is a way of life, and, so long as it doesn’t adversely affect others, humanity should be free to achieve it in any way possible. So let us join together to work past fear and uncertainty, and be the change we wish see for the world. Together.

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“With subtle hints of hip-hop, he daringly fuses electronic and psychedelic mediums to create a rhythmic concoction that completely consumes the soul.”
— EDM Boutique

“Williamson’s latest single as Zenxienz is a frenetic, genre-bending piece that feels like a sonic pouring of thoughts.”

“I mean, it’s hectic, but at the same time it’s so damned interesting and original, I can’t help but come back to it again and again.”
— Indie Shuffle


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