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through the eyes of Cameron Williamson, aka, zenxienz, and experience the power of stunning visuals, mind-melting original music, expressive art, captivating stories, and gripping messages that touch and inspire.

Cameron is a professional speaker challenging minds to open and inspiring the world to change. Touching on progressive ideas in creative approaches, mental health, finding purpose and meaning, and the reformation of longstanding stigmas, this is more than your everyday speech. This is a guided inner journey of the soul.

With relatable stories and actionable ideas interspersed with abstract video, music, and art, this speech is sure to capture and entertain the lives of Cameron’s audiences and create a memorable experience that will stand out as the highlight of any event.

The Benefits

  • More Creativity


  • Innovation


  • Culture


  • Joy


  • Courage


  • Openness


  • Spiritual Awareness



Manifesting Purpose & Creativity in the Unknown

Take a journey with Cameron as he weaves seamlessly from story to music and discover the space and vulnera- bility required for love, growth, and artistic expression.

Outcomes: Increased creativity, motivation, innovation, culture

Creating Total Audio Emersion

Music is a staple of culture. It can define set and setting and foreshadow future events without a single word. With all the advances in emersion coming from leading industries, we can’t let music fall behind. Learn just what goes into creating an imaginary world that truly feels alive to our auditory senses.

Outcomes: Increased musical understanding, culture, sense of emersion

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“With subtle hints of hip-hop, he daringly fuses electronic and psychedelic mediums to create a rhythmic concoction that completely consumes the soul.”
— EDM Boutique

“Williamson’s latest single as Zenxienz is a frenetic, genre-bending piece that feels like a sonic pouring of thoughts.”

“I mean, it’s hectic, but at the same time it’s so damned interesting and original, I can’t help but come back to it again and again.”
— Indie Shuffle


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